How can businesses measure their progress towards their sustainability and circular economy goals? Much of my work deals with this question. Balancing rigor and accessibility, science-based measurement strategies can help businesses move towards a sustainable future.

Expertise and CV

Since 2016, I have been working with methods such as life cycle assessment (LCA), material flow analysis and circular economy metrics. In my PhD, I designed a framework to guide businesses with the application of such methods: the SCEIA framework (Strategic Circular Economy Impact Assessment).

I enjoy giving trainings on sustainability measurement to SMEs, and I frequently publish scientific articles on the topic.

My work is always collaborative. Sustainability questions require transdisciplinary partnerships. You can find a recent CV here.


After living in Messina (Italy) for four years, I am now based in my hometown Amsterdam again. In my free time, I enjoy skateboarding, photographing, baking bread, hanging out with my family, making music and exploring the city’s active cultural scene.