Academic work

Journal articles

I publish articles in peer-reviewed journals in collaboration with my colleagues. Most were part of my PhD ‘Methods and tools to measure sustainability and circular economy at the company level’.

You can find the links to these articles and a short summary below. Feel free to reach out if you cannot access them. You can also find them on my ResearchGate profile.

The first article of my PhD. We inventoried and compared 74 circular economy measurement metrics. Our key finding: they often measure very different things. Find the link to the open-access article here.

The second article of my PhD. With my colleagues of the University of Messina, we compared the results of applying circular economy metrics and life cycle assessment in two case studies: packaging and food waste management.

With the members of WP5 of Cresting, we investigated how circular economy businesses measure their sustainability. We found that tailor-made sustainability indicators and life cycle assessment (LCA) were most popular among the 155 respondents.

With Cresting colleague Kieran Campbell-Johnston and the research team of the Sustainability Lab of the University of Messina, we sampled waste electronics moving through an Italian recycling company. We used this case study to illustrate the significant differences between the mass and rarity of materials within the Italian WEEE stream. We also used the results to propose changes to European Union product and waste policy in a policy brief.