Together with Walter Vermeulen of the Copernicus Institute, we just published our article “In search for ground rules for product-oriented full cost accounting
methods” in the Q1 journal Environmental and Sustainability Indicators. It’s available open-access here.

For Impact Hub Berlin, we researched¬† circular economy trends and facts. Our contribution to hub’s first Circular Economy Spotlight report can be found on pages 30-31 through this link.

New publication! With lead author Katelin Opferkuch and the team from Cresting WP5, we explored how companies can be supported to adapt to the upcoming mandatory disclosure requirements for circular economy aspects in the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. You can find the open access publication here.

Randy Adjei and myself were interviewed by Katja Pulkkinen for the Finnish Circular Economy News “Uusiouutiset”. We present our work with Footprints Africa in measuring impacts of circular economy businesses across the African continent. The article is in Finnish and can be found here – feel free to reach out for a translation if interested!